Thermographs: just the right temperature for citrus fruit GAMBÍN while on route
  • 19 July 2021

From the actual cultivation and harvesting to the packaging and subsequent transport, care and attention to detail in the handling of citrus fruit is fundamental. The way it is treated is a determining factor in how it reaches its final destination, which is to say, in the hands of the consumer. This requires knowledge and experience, but also the right technological equipment to carry it out.

GAMBÍN has been perfecting its processes for decades by observing and correcting possible deviations. The traceability of citrus fruits is essential for this: knowing and identifying the changes to which they are exposed during the whole process; and temperature is certainly one of the most significant. 

For this reason, all lorries transporting GAMBÍN fruit are equipped with thermographs. This is an instrument that measures the temperature of the place where they are located, recording it accurately and allowing us to know the possible changes that may occur in it. Furthermore, it also provides geographical positioning of the goods at any given moment, enabling proactive action to be taken or the appropriate corrections to be made subsequently in the event that any problem has been detected. 

In this way, GAMBÍN offers its consumers safety and guarantee in the transport processes, certifying that during the route all the technical specifications have been complied with, regardless of the distance between the central plant located in Cox (Alicante) and the point of reception of the goods. Due to the intense activity of the company in the export of citrus fruits, this location can be many kilometres away.

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