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GAMBÍN’s product family is composed of citrus fruits (oranges, lemons and tangerines) and our line of pineapples from Costa Rica.

Our proven varietal selection and the different cultivation origins with which we work, allow us to guarantee our clients a programmed service all around the year.

Whether for consumption as fruit or juice, GAMBÍN oranges are characterized by their optimum taste, juiciness, size and growing conditions.
They grow on vigorous and highly productive trees in Alicante and Murcia, a privileged agricultural area internationally recognised for this product. Thanks to their size, shape, quality and juiciness, each variety of GAMBÍN lemons is recognized and valued by our customers.
This is a perfect citrus fruit for everyone. It is optimal in size to be consumed daily. It is easy to peel, and above all sweet, very sweet. In tangerines, an enhanced version of a citrus fruit, the characteristic acidity of these fruits is notably reduced.
They arrive from Costa Rica at the right point of ripeness, perceivable in both their colour and sweetness. Its appearance makes them easily distinguishable from other fruits which show green shades. Our pineapples are cultivated in an environment of constant innovation that allows us to reduce the use of chemical agents.

Our brands

For GAMBÍN, our brand is the greatest intangible value we possess. Our most important asset. Because in it we place all the values and knowledge accumulated over decades.


Selection work in the field


Selecting the optimal varieties for our customers


Traditional processing and selection of quality products


Vocation for service and orientation toward the client´s needs

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