Fruit Logistica 2019: Gambín does not fail to its annual appointment in Berlin
  • 10 May 2019

Over 76,000 participants from 130 different countries who want to experience new issues and products brought by 3,000 exhibitors from 84 different nationalities. During the celebration of Fruit Logistica, on the 6th, 7th and 8th of February, Berlin has once again been the world’s epicenter of the Fruit and Vegetable Trade. The fair is widely regarded as the most important one on the Market, both for its size and the quality of displayed goods and services brought by its exhibitors.

GAMBÍN, as usual, could not miss on this yearly meeting of leading companies. A delegation of the Spanish division, formed mainly by its commercial and managing team, represented the Company. They provided information on the consolidation of the brand's products in this international context. At the same time, the team seized the opportunity to strengthen their ties with existing customers and suppliers and also sought to start new relationships with professionals and companies interested in being part of the "GAMBÍN World".

The Trade Fair, far from losing its importance due to the rise of new communication technologies, continues to be a unique opportunity to promote direct contact. "It is true that the horticultural sector, as well as its current activities, are digitally interconnected. This means decision making is becoming gradually faster, more reliable and increasingly efficient. But this generalized context does not alter the operating principles of the company. The main goal in Berlin of the commercial department of Gambín is to inform, guide and continue establishing commercial values as a tangible business asset for our customers and suppliers", explains Emilio Orts, manager of the company.

With its headquarters being in Cox, Spain, the Fruit Logistica event in Berlin, along with the Madrid International Trade Fair held last October, are the most important venues for the company to do business at, and to participate in a direct commercial encounter with most of its clients and suppliers. This international meeting point also allows to learn about the latest trends within the Trade. As a matter of fact, the GAMBÍN team has returned from Germany with a wide knowledge of the innovations and movements occurring on the Market. "It is surprising to perceive the progress and development of horticultural products from countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Morocco and South Africa, strong competitors on the citrus market within the same area of influence," says Orts. The steady growth and development of BIO horticultural production, the increasing technological breakthroughs to solve current difficulties regarding workforce resources within the different segments of our business, and the growing tendency of companies to keep on boosting production sites through developing more hectares every year, are some of the conclusions GAMBÍN has come to as a result of its recent presence in Germany.

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