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  • 07 November 2020

Last January, GAMBÍN's sales department was working on the final organisational details and closing of the agenda for one of the major international events in the fruit and vegetable sector, “Fruit Logistica 2020”, held in Berlin.

At the time, no one could have foreseen the global scope and impact that the current COVID 19 pandemic has had in all areas, although there were already signs of the extraordinary nature of the situation.  

With the prevailing uncertainty and ignorance of what we were facing, yet always trying to reduce any risk of transmission of the virus within our management and commercial team, we at GAMBÍN decided not to over-expose ourselves by reducing our participation in the German capital to a minimum representation.

This business decision marked the beginning of all the work that the organisation as a whole has been carrying out since last March and which has a clear objective: to implement and adapt to our activity all the risk-based protocols for action regarding exposure to COVID 19 that have been enacted by the health authorities.

From the beginning, risk assessment work within the scope of our work activity has been fundamental:

  • In the field
  • In the handling and packaging warehouse
  • The operational activity due to the commercial flow of the products  
  • In the administrative offices and the rest of the facilities
  • In the management of our own and external transport

Information and training has been vital. The entire staff has been instructed on the general and specific organisational measures the company has put in place to reinforce safety in the workplace. In addition to the essential awareness-raising of the entire staff on the correct way to proceed and act in the workplace, an efficient flow of information between workers and managers has been essential to isolate, correct and implement any new risk aspect not contemplated before.

All this has been made possible through the constant supervision of the activity by all the people in charge, the 24-hour dissemination of information on the protocols and rules of operation through our extensive audiovisual system and, most importantly, the responsible and collaborative spirit of all the staff inside and outside the workplace. The goal we have pursued since the beginning and which we continue to maintain is none other than to make the company "a safe place" for all workers and, consequently, for our activity.

These are some of the measures we have carried out:

  • Reinforcement of personal hygiene,
  • Use, without exception, of PPE for labour protection,
  • Maintaining the physical safety distance within the scope of the work activity, and the delimitation of the different work areas
  • Continuous maintenance of the cleanliness of the whole facility and, in particular, of the specific working areas.
  • Delimitation of different areas for the use of the dining room and rest rooms.
  • Monitoring and automatic isolation of any worker with symptoms described in the COVID 19 picture.  
  • Continuous PCR testing of all staff without exception in order to reduce the risk for any detected viral symptomatology.

At GAMBÍN we don't stop working nor lower our guard in the face of this situation in order to keep our company safe and to continue being close to you at all times. 

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