Access control: the entrance door to GAMBÍN
  • 19 July 2021

Throughout the year, thousands of lorries arrive at the central facilities of GAMBÍN - a company specialising in the production, marketing and export of citrus fruits located in the town of Cox (Alicante) - to transport their goods to a wide range of countries. To this, we must add the vehicles from the company's own farms, as well as those of the technical services which guarantee the correct functioning of the plant. In addition, we cannot forget the hundreds of workers who, from their different positions and departments, daily set the great machinery in motion that allows people from all over the world to enjoy excellent lemons, oranges, tangerines and pineapples. 

With a ceaseless flow of traffic, access control becomes an essential activity to ensure not only the correct functioning of the system, but also security. This is even more so during a pandemic period such as the present one, in which the preventive measures taken against Covid-19 from the earliest outbreak of the virus have been a priority for GAMBÍN.

Joaquín González y Antonio Candela are the two men responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly when entering the plant. Two experienced workers who, in recent months, have added a fundamental task to their list of activities: providing new face masks, taking the temperature and carrying out the verbal recognition test both for the workers and for any visitor to the plant. It is not the only one. They are also in charge of receiving lorries and positioning them on the loading bays, which at peak traffic times is essential to achieve the smooth flow and shortest possible waiting times desired by all. Operating the scales for weighing goods, checking number plates or guarding the parking area for employees and visitors complement their work. 

Together they form a duo who coordinate and complement each other perfectly according to the needs of the company, adapting to the requirements that each day demands. And with an added bonus that both describe as very positive: they know absolutely each and every one of the hundreds of faces that enter GAMBÍN every day, something that they take advantage of to foster comradeship and in which they play a fundamental role with their friendliness and willingness to help.

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