Spanish oranges during the summer: this is how we keep our citrus fruits in cold storage
  • 09 June 2021

Even though agriculture has evolved by leaps and bounds in recent decades, allowing harvesting times to be extended, fruit is still subject to the rules of mother nature. A product subject to the calendar, the weather and the area in which it is located. This is particularly relevant for citrus fruits, whose need to be grown in large areas and in the open prevents the artificial control of other greenhouse-grown fruits.  

June marks the end of the Spanish orange harvest, a time when, in order to enjoy this beloved and refreshing citrus fruit during the summer season, one would have to resort to imports from countries in the southern hemisphere, immersed in the middle of the season, or from other latitudes. However, this does not always guarantee a good quality product.

For decades, GAMBÍN has been a reliable and continuous supplier of citrus fruits to its markets all year round. Why? Our in-depth knowledge and constant development of new technologies and techniques, which allow us to preserve the oranges and deliver them at their optimum condition to be enjoyed by the final consumer.  

This know-how has been perfected over the years by the three generations of GAMBÍN, to which we have to add our storage and industrial refrigeration capacity, which is possible thanks to the 18,000 m2 of surface area available at our facilities.

Therefore, Valencia Late oranges will not miss their appointment with consumers throughout Spain and Europe over the coming months. This is due to a meticulous process that includes selecting the right moment for harvesting, an appropriate post-harvest treatment in accordance with health and public health regulations, the perfect condition of the warehouse and cold storage rooms. In addition, we have a complete and experienced multidisciplinary team that knows and masters in detail all the different aspects for the cold storage of oranges. 

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