Persimmon or kaki GAMBÍN: call it what you like, enjoy it all the same
  • 18 October 2021

Although having concentrated for years on the production and distribution of oranges, lemons and tangerines, Grupo GAMBÍN has continued to satisfy its markets with products that are in constant demand thanks to its working formula based on the continuity of its quality and service. This is the case, for example, with its pineapple line, which comes from Costa Rica and completes the company's commercial portfolio of products.

This year, the start of the citrus season is linked to an important new product from GAMBÍN: the persimmon or kaki, as it is indistinctly called depending on where it is marketed. Although originally from Asia (specifically China and Japan, according to the experts), it is a widely cultivated fruit in the Valencian Region, thanks to the weather conditions prevailing in the Mediterranean. This being the epicentre of the agricultural production of Grupo GAMBÍN, all conditions are in place to offer the best of this product with the proven procedures that distinguish the company: impeccable selection, quality control, outstanding packaging and excellent service in time and form.

The persimmon not only stands out for its sweet taste and its orange colour, which makes it a highly appreciated product, but also for its multiple nutritional qualities: from a high calorie intake from carbohydrates to an important amount of fibre, which helps intestinal transit. It is a good way to provide the body with its vitamin C needs, either by consuming it in its natural format or by combining it in juices or salads. Ask for it now at your market!

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