Citrus fruit suppliers to supermarkets: quality and continuity
  • 18 August 2021

The supply of citrus fruit to supermarkets and large retail outlets is a discipline that requires extensive knowledge and skills. Ensuring that goods reach their final destination in the optimum time and conditions for customers is something that requires the involvement of a large amount of resources, both material and human, as well as a clear vocation for customer service. Even more so in a sector such as the fruit and vegetable sector, where the goods are much more sensitive to factors such as seasonality or temporality.

In this field, GAMBÍN has managed to gain a place as a supplier of citrus fruits to supermarkets, thereby gaining the trust of some of the most famous chains on the European continent. The experience accumulated over the years has allowed it to perfect its system to achieve the highest standards of quality and service granted by its customers, who have trusted the company for more than a decade to be supplied with lemons, oranges and tangerines in its various distribution centres located throughout Europe.

Among the differentiating features that make GAMBÍN a reliable citrus fruit supplier to supermarkets, we can highlight the following: 

  • Their own farms, which are managed according to the strictest and most innovative agro-food production systems applied to citrus fruits.
  • Partner farms in which the knowledge and resources of their own crops are replicated, thus obtaining a homogeneous production.
  • A solid and extensive logistics network, which plays a fundamental role both in the capacity to stock raw materials and in the distribution of ready-made products.
  • Cutting-edge technological resources and highly professional teams focused on continuous improvement and customer service, thus exponentially increasing the company's know-how.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to the needs of the customer, which is reflected in a wide range of brands and products in accordance with the qualities requested at any given time.
  • Continuous communication between GAMBÍN and its customer for mutual knowledge, which results in an enrichment of the relationship, making it solid, lasting and focused on the policy of 'zero incidents'.

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