The GAMBÍN citrus family grows with its new brand ‘BIN’
  • 10 May 2019

It is a happy moment for the GAMBÍN citrus family, as a new member enlarges the ranks of an already broad quality range of oranges, lemons, and easy-peelers. We present you with the ‘BIN’ brand, a decisive choice made by our nationally and internationally renowned company, in order for consumers to enjoy their favourite citrus varieties all year through.

'BIN' disembarks to strengthen and improve yet some more the range of prime quality citrus.

From their Headquarters located in Cox, Alicante, our team is genuinely pleased with the extraordinary response to this new brand, which was launched through effort and a great deal of expectation. The fact that these citrus fruits exceed quality standards within their own category is without any doubt key to their success.

All of this and more convert ‘BIN’ into a clear reply to the demand of the traditional market for stable, healthy, authentic products, covering the needs of clients through its proximity.

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