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  • 07 November 2020

The commitment to digitalisation is a strategic priority for GAMBÍN. A modernisation of operational, productive and human processes focused on a single objective: to offer our customers the best product and service at all times. In this context, it has been almost two years since the company laid the first stone to make an important qualitative leap in relations with its stakeholders, focusing on both the internal and external communication of the company.

The creation of our new Communications Department, which is completely aligned and operational side by side with the Management and the rest of the company's areas, reached its first milestone with the implementation of different channels that allowed the dissemination of information in a clear, complete, agile and understandable manner throughout all levels of the company. This favoured interaction and feedback for the collection of inputs in order to achieve common success. 

The 2019 Berlin Trade Fair was the starting point for a new website that was exceptionally well received from the outset not only by the large GAMBÍN family, but by the entire industry.  Continuous information for all audiences in which the value proposal is perfectly detailed, based on multimedia content and different formats designed to get to know our company in detail. A first stone that also gave way to a Digital Signage system, that is currently a reference in our geographical area.

Thousands of users get informed or interact with us through our website or our many social networking channels, where we have reached figures that are close to 6 digits in certain months of the year.

These excellent results, together with the constant search for evolution embedded in the GAMBÍN DNA, have naturally led the way to our new goal today: the launch of our new website.

This is the improved version of our digital corporate identity. A more modern, clean and user-friendly site that responds to the new trends in technology and user behaviour. To this end, we have examined in detail the data provided by our analysis, as well as having taken into account the opinions collected during visits to the many countries in which we are located, and those of the members of our various departments.

In the new we have organised and hierarchised the information in well-defined sections geared to the different interests of the user, with an important new feature: our vocation for customer service.  For this reason we have included a complete tour of our commercial catalogue, offering detailed information about our products, their characteristics, brands and availability throughout the year. Always keeping an overview of our activity, a simple navigation, the importance in Human Resources and our internationality; with contents in English, French, Polish and Italian as well as Spanish.

We invite you to discover on your own this new window to the world that we are opening at GAMBÍN to allow you to enter into our company and in which there is still only one protagonist: you. We hope you like it!

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